Things to try when McAfee Total Protection fails to open

A lot of people residing across the globe have now understood the severity of using a comprehensive security solution. This is because every other second an individual falls prey to a scam or his device gets infected with a virus. And, to stay away from all of this, it is important that we buy and use antivirus software on our smart devices that are connected to the internet all the time. To serve this purpose, a lot of people are using McAfee Total Protection 2021. This is one of the latest editions of McAfee consumer products. However, there are some people who are complaining that the software fails to open on their devices due to which their device doesn’t seem to be protected anymore. Well, this is a serious issue to consider as this can open gates for the entry of malware to your device. So, if you are also wondering how to fix issues with your McAfee software, then the solutions given below shall help you.

Core reasons why McAfee won’t open

Before we move on to have a glance at the solutions to get rid of the problem, it is important that we understand why this is happening with our McAfee product:

  • Your device might have been infected with a severe malware or virus that is not letting programs open
  • The files related to McAfee Total Protection 2021 are damaged or corrupt
  • The Security Centre battery check feature is no longer working
  • Your software is outdated as you did not install updates on it

Ways to fix the issue

Solution 1- Get rid of the virus issue

  • Go to page
  • Download McAfee stinger from there
  • For this, tap on the Download Stinger option
  • Now, save the file to your desktop
  • Then, right-click on this application
  • Choose “Run as Administrator”
  • On the next window, choose “Yes/Continue/Run”
  • Accept the license agreement
  • Now, choose how you want to scan your system
  • Select the “Scan” option

Solution 2- Get rid of the damaged or corrupt files

  • First, locate the McAfee file on your device
  • Now, right-click on it and choose “uninstall”
  • Go to the official website of McAfee
  • The damaged files will now be restored
  • Restart your device after this

Solution 3- Resolve the battery check issue

  • To resolve this issue, you have to go to the official website of McAfee
  • Get the Battery Check tool on your device.
  • Once you get rid, you should run the tool as an administrator.
  • When prompted, you should restart your PC.


Hence, the issues with McAfee Total Protection 2021 would have been resolved if you followed these solutions carefully. Whenever you perform one of these solutions, you should restart your system to apply the changes.

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