Top Online Gaming Tips to Stay Safe From Hackers

Online gaming is reaching new heights every other day and recently it has been witnessed that the number of people who are inclined towards gaming is 30% more than earlier. Since game developers are finding out new ways to attract more and more users, at the same time, someone else is also taking interest in this rapid hike. Yes, here we are talking about hackers who keep on finding out new ways to steal our information or hack into our systems.

Whenever a technological advancement takes place, hackers consider it as an opportunity to profit themselves through evil tactics. In addition to that, you must know that they usually target some famous online gaming platforms to hack more user profiles. That is why they consider choosing those websites which have higher traffic. Therefore, in this article, we are going to have a discussion on some famous incidents where gaming hacks have taken place, the reason behind it, and the tips to stay safe.

Game hack incidents from the past

In the past two years, a few remarkable gaming hack incidents took place which came as a lesson for the users to avoid online gaming hacks. In these years, it was found out that the attackers have been looking for gaming companies that are on top of the list. For example, there is one gaming company which is known as Electronic Arts. The game source code developed by this company got stolen and sold on the dark web which led to a huge loss. And, when the code is sold, it is used to make a copy of the game or reverse-engineer it. Apart from this, some more incidents took place in the past from which we could learn a lot.

Reasons behind game hacking

When we look at the gaming hack events that took place in the past, it is clearly visible that these companies store a lot of valuable information about us and about their own gaming codes as well. A lot of us play paid games for which we need to make payments through their online portals. And it can be easily guessed that hackers can easily gain access to users’ payment information which can prove to be very beneficial for them. Apart from this, hackers also create malware to feed into the games. Due to this malware, anyone who plays the game would eventually be making way for the malware to enter their system. Apart from this, you may also be installing cheat software that has been created by the attacker to hack you into his tactics. But, fortunately, there are ways you can stay protected from becoming a victim of a gaming hack.

Online gaming safety tips to follow

Follow the online gaming safety tips given below to make sure that your gaming experience does not have hurdles in it. These tips form an essential part of our discussion on “Online Gaming Tips to Stay Safe from Hackers”. So, here are the tips you need to follow for safe gaming:

  • Don’t share or use personal details anywhere

While setting up your username for any game, you must not use your real name or real birth date as it is a common practice by the users. Since your username is visible publically, therefore, it is better that you hide details that may pose to be a threat to you.

  • Use McAfee’s Gamer Security software

Since has safety products for everyone, therefore, it is very important that you use the gamers’ security software that is available on their platform. This product is available by the name McAfee Gamer Security which can be easily accessed from their official web portal. This product makes sure that you are not downloading or playing any malicious game.

  • Customize the game settings carefully 

When you first play a game, make sure that you make the necessary changes in its settings. These settings should be more inclined towards safeguarding your privacy and making sure that your profile is not visible to strangers.


Apart from considering the given tips for online gaming safety, you should also make sure that you are not downloading any pirated version of the game. This will help you ensure that you are installing viruses on your PC. Adding more to it, we can say that logging in through a VPN would also help. It would help protect your location details and other personal information. So, that was all about online gaming safety. Just make sure that you read this article very carefully and put the given points into practice. In case you keep your details public while online gaming, it may pose a potential risk to your account safety and profile security.

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