McAfee Vs. Norton- Which One You Should Buy In 2021?

When you think of purchasing an antivirus solution, the first two names that come to a user’s mind are Norton and McAfee. But, at that time, he goes through a dilemma in which antivirus among the two is best. And, which one is going to serve the purpose for him. Those who wish to keep their devices away from the prying eyes should note that these two antivirus solutions are pioneers at kicking out the viruses from your device.

Now we will try to know the basic difference between McAfee and Norton based on different aspects.

  • Features
  • Price
  • User-interface
  • Popularity

McAfee vs Norton: Features

McAfee features

  • Firewall: With its effective firewall you can easily block the entry of malware.
  • Spam filter: It restricts the entry of spam messages and filters them before reaching your inbox.
  • URL blocking: In case you are visiting a malicious URL, it restricts you from accessing that website.
  • File encryption: With the file encryption method, you can easily keep your important data safe.
  • Password manager: This allows you to keep your online accounts safe from getting hacked.
  • Identity-theft protection: It allows you to surf the web and use social media platforms without worrying about losing your identity.

Norton Features

  • Multi-device protection: You can protect more than one device from a single antivirus.
  • Secure VPN: Its Virtual Private Network is so effective that it can easily smell the presence of a virus.
  • Password Manager: This allows you to sign in to online platforms automatically and keeps your accounts safe.
  • PC Cloud Backup: It allows you to keep your important files and documents safe in one place.
  • Anti-spyware: It restricts the system from downloading malicious apps on your device.
  • SafeCam: As the name suggests, it keeps your identity safe when you are using a webcam.

McAfee vs Norton: Price

The basic versions of both security solutions are available at an affordable price. Both Norton 360 Standard, as well as McAfee Total Protection, can be purchased for a price of $79.99 for single-device use. However, if you wish to opt for an antivirus that can be used on multiple devices, then you may have to pay a slightly higher price.

In case you wish to move to a plan other than the basic one, then you may opt for the premium versions. The price to purchase McAfee for multiple devices is $119.99 which is quite low. However, the same plan of Norton is available at a price of $349.99.

Thus, we can conclude this by saying that McAfee is more affordable as compared to Norton.

McAfee vs Norton: User Interface

When we launch McAfee and Norton on our devices, the first thing that comes to our mind is that their interface is quite attractive ad looks easy to use. Their user-friendly interface and easy to operate as well.

Speaking about the screen layout, we can say that it also has all the necessary buttons present on it. You can easily activate your products from the home screen itself. But, there is one thing in which Norton has an edge over McAfee and this is the device compatibility.

Norton is one such software that easily works fine on your computer as well as mobile devices. Thus, we can say that both of them have a user-friendly interface.

McAfee vs Norton: Popularity

Both antivirus solutions are dominating the antivirus industry for a long now and both are better than the other in their own way. However, if we have a glance at the market share of McAfee and Norton, then it is 11.9% and 10.27% respectively.

On the other hand, if we look at it from the point of view of a customer and its popularity, then we can say that McAfee is the choice of more people as compared to Norton.

Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What is better Norton or McAfee?

Without any doubt, Norton and McAfee both are the primary choices of the users when it comes to protecting your device from viruses or malware. However, McAfee is more affordable than Norton, and Norton’s device compatibility is better than McAfee.

  1. Which is better Norton or McAfee for Windows?

Norton proves to be a better choice for your Windows if you compare it based on its performance. However, if you are looking for a cheap antivirus that serves your purpose, then you may opt for McAfee. Choosing between the two is completely a user’s choice.

  1. Should I install both Norton or McAfee on my computer?

If you already have one of the two antivirus solutions on your device, then there is no need to install any additional antivirus solution on your device. This is because if one device is equipped with two similar programs, then they are sure to conflict with one another causing problems in your device.

  1. Which antivirus should I buy in 2021?

After going through the reviews of both antivirus, you should be able to decide which antivirus you should buy in 2021. Both antiviruses are a pioneer at providing advanced level protection from different kinds of viruses or malware that may harm your device.

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