Things you can do with the McAfee subscription repair tool

When you have an urgent piece of work to accomplish and you open your PC only to find out that it is at risk meaning that you can further use it just like you normally do. If your system is at risk, you will not be able to use some or all of its programs. And, to make your PC work again like normal, you must use an antivirus solution. However, if you are already using McAfee to protect it from intruders and you are still seeing warning messages on your screen, then your subscription must have been expired or there is a problem with it.

When to use the McAfee subscription repair tool?

Most of the time, the problem with your McAfee subscription is recognizable as it comes with an error message- “Your system is at risk”. In addition to the error message, you see an icon with the exclamation mark on it. Along with this, the protection status or the security status of your system also changes. When you see the status light turning from green to red or grey, then it’s time that you take an action. The best thing you can do in this scenario is download and run the McAfee subscription repair tool a.k.a. McAfee Diagnose and Repair tool. However, before we learn the method to use this tool, let us know what is the real cause behind the issue.

Why is your PC at risk?

The root causes behind this issue are listed below:

  • You have disabled the firewall of your device.
  • The firewall that you have installed is not installed properly.
  • You see that the firewall is available for installation which means it was not installed earlier.

Since McAfee security products are installed along with the firewall, therefore if the program is not installed successfully, you are going to face issues with the firewall as well. McAfee is there to keep your system free from viruses as well as other malicious files. Thus, if you have been looking for a way to get rid of this issue at the earliest, then you may use the McAfee subscription repair tool.

What is the McAfee Diagnose and Repair tool?

It is an automated tool that you can use to find out issues with your McAfee subscription and then perform the related actions to get rid of them. It automatically detects as well as help resolve any issues due to which you are unable to use your subscription or protect your device any longer.

The method to download the tool

  1. Go to the website
  2. Search for McAfee repair tool
  3. Click the ‘Download’ option next to it
  4. Locate the file in the Downloads folder
  5. Run the file to start using it


In the tool itself, you can make the necessary changes and make it search for the issues manually or automatically. Once you make the necessary changes to it, the tool scans your device for the hindrances and helps you get away with them instantaneously.

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