How do I fix “McAfee scan not working” issue?

Are you facing the McAfee scan not working issue with the McAfee antivirus software that is installed on your Windows device or Mac? If yes, then you need to fix it immediately by approaching the right tactics. You may get this issue due to several factors like system issues, improper installation, etc. After getting this issue, McAfee may be unable to detect any type of virus or malware on your device. To restart the antivirus protection of your device, we have concluded few definite tips below on this page.

Quick tips to fix the McAfee Scan not working issue

Tip 1: Reboot your device

Sometimes, rebooting the device may fix the system error that can create a McAfee scan not working issue on your device. Based on the type of model of your device, follow the process to reboot it.

Tip 2: Update the McAfee Total Protection

You can also fix this issue by updating the software as it may be possible that a bug is creating this issue on your device. You can fix the bug issue by updating the McAfee antivirus program.

Tip 3: Re-install the McAfee Total Protection Program

If the above tips do not work out to fix the McAfee Scan not working issue then do the following:

  1. Visit the ‘Programs and Features’ section on your device to uninstall the McAfee software from it
  2. After uninstalling the software, restart your device
  3. Now, using a browser on your device, visit the mcafee com activate webpage
  4. Find the McAfee Total Protection program file and click on the ‘Install’ button
  5. Wait for a while and let the browser complete the installation process
  6. Now, find the file on your device and follow the remaining steps to install it
  7. After installing the McAfee antivirus, check that it is scanning or not


To sum up, McAfee antivirus programs protect your device by scanning the viruses and malware. In case the McAfee scan is not working properly then this would be a sign of threat for you. To fix this issue the easy and quick tips are given above on this page. You can fix this issue by rebooting your device or fixing the system not responding issue due to lack of memory on your device. In case these tactics do not work out then you need to uninstall the McAfee Total Protection software from your device and then re-install it on your device by visiting the webpage.

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