John McAfee Behind The Bars After Being Accused Of Tax Fudging In Cryptocurrencies

The cybersecurity entrepreneur and a well-known crypto trader John McAfee coming to an end after arrested in Spain and it is now facing banishment to the US over the charges that are on both sides one is tax evasion and the other is fraudulent activities. In the discussion of the topic, it was found out that the SEC accused John McAfee to pay more than $23.1 million on the cryptocurrency assets to promote the ICO token sales without even disclosing that he will be paying the amount. In addition to this, the DOJ has levied that there is a number of tax evasion cases by McAfee claiming that he has purposely attempted to evade the payments of the income taxes that are owed by the federal govt.

In the brief of this news, the arrest and the unsealing of the documents are on the run, and on the other hand, the DOJ also provided the details that the charges on John McAfee did not have any connection with the antivirus company coming in the light as a bearer. Further expansion of the case says that the DOJ has filed charges against McAfee that are a bit dry against the entrepreneur. The DOJ charges against John McAfee that McAfee has faced five counts of tax evasion and each one of them carries a maximum penalty of five years of behind the bars sentence or imprisonment. Visit for more information.

More information related to John McAfee getting behind the bars

Here the SEC is filing a much more advanced level of allegations with 55 pages of detailing and lengthy investigation that came across due to McAfee’s alleged fraudulent activity that is promoting the number of ICOs in past few years. Furthermore, the report specifically notes that McAfee has received more than $11.6 million of bitcoin amount and ETH tokens in order to promote the ICOs. Unluckily, these offerings were not in any of the cases that are filed against John McAfee. However, he is seen to receive $11.5 million that is worth promoting the token that is included in the suit. It is therefore said that McAfee has made more than $23 million from the past few years by now and this was done by recommending many of the “Initial coin offerings” that is a type of crowdfunding.

The users are using the hundreds and thousands of Twitter followers, playing the recommendations as a piece of unbiased investment advice without disclosing that he was or have to pay the amount. Every amount or each count of the tax amount carries a maximum prison that is sentenced to five years of imprisonment and every count is without investing much into it so that a fraudulent activity that was rendered by John McAfee. It is important to understand that every count of tax evasion carries a maximum prison of 5 years and every count of failure to file the case it carries one year of sentence. For more information visit

Wrapping up:

By the news, we came to the conclusion that there is an effect of the fraudulent activity on Bitcoin and its payment activities. John McAfee being a famous personality and now becoming a scammer has obviously tempering the business and tarnishing his current public image of McAfee. You can visit for related information.

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