How to Remain Secure While Using Running Apps?

Due to this ongoing pandemic, those people who are concerned about their health are relying upon running apps. This is so because there are many cities that are under the state of lockdown, due to which shopping malls, gyms, and others are down. As a result of this, the running apps saw a lot of increase in their download. According to research done by the team of, this rise is giving hackers a good opportunity to infuse these applications with malware so that they can easily get their hands on the users’ personal data.

Another major tech platform could also witness the threats that are attached to the running apps. Therefore, it is better to stay vigilant about these apps before you install them on your device. It doesn’t matter that a large number of users have installed the app on their devices, it could still pose a security risk to your device as well as the data available on it.

Why should you avoid using running apps?

The running applications are intended to keep a track of your height, your location, your length of running, and so on. And, when these details are exposed to a criminal, he would use them to exploit your data. Or, he could even attack your house in your absence. Not only this, the security threat increases, even more, when you share this information over social media. Therefore, one is recommended to not use any such app that traces your whereabouts as it could expose your work or home address to hackers.

Apart from this, these apps do not use high-end encryption methods to secure a user’s account. Due to which a user’s account gets hacked in minutes. Moreover, a user could not also set up multi-factor authentication over their accounts.

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Measures you can take to enhance your security

Although there are not many instances where the app data of the users using running apps have been compromised, you never know the time takes its turn. Therefore, you must take precautionary measures to stay one step ahead of any such threat:

  • Imply strong authentication

This simply means, even if the running app you are using does not have an in-built strong authentication method, you should still choose to create a strong password for all the apps you are using. To achieve higher security, you may invest in a security program or a password manager. And, when it comes to choosing a password manager, there is nothing that could beat the effectiveness of the McAfee True Key that is available at

  • Customize the privacy settings accordingly

When you install a new application on your device, the first thing that you should give heed to is its security settings. If your app is made to share your data publically, then you must change its default settings as you want. Make sure you do not give unnecessary permissions to your application.

  • Keep installing the app update

In case you do not install the updates of your running app, then it may have bugs that are enough to make your device vulnerable to hacking. To avoid any such situation, you should either turn on the automatic updates or simply install the updates manually.


In addition to these measures, make sure that you disable any unnecessary features on these apps. Or, you may also use a mobile security solution from that would help you to avoid major security risks on your smartphone.

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