How to Activate the McAfee Product via Product Key?

When it comes to the most secured mobile and computer security programs, McAfee tops the list. Nowadays McAfee is the most preferable security program and it is being used across the globe. McAfee is a paid security program and it provides total protection to your device from malware, virus, ransomware, etc. McAfee program can be installed on your mobile or computer by getting the setup file from the page. But before that, you need to activate the McAfee product with the help of a product key.

What is a McAfee Product Key?

McAfee allows buying product subscriptions to start getting the benefits of the McAfee computer security program. Whenever you purchase a McAfee product, it provides a 25-digit product key. This product key can be used to get the McAfee product from its official site. McAfee asks you to confirm the product key to activate the McAfee product subscription. You can easily find the McAfee product key by visiting So if you are also one of them who are looking to activate the McAfee product with a product key then you have visited the right page.

Way to find the McAfee Product Key

You can easily get your McAfee product key by visiting the steps that are given below:

  1. Login to the email account that is linked with the McAfee account
  2. Now, you need to open the email that you have received from McAfee
  3. Get the 25-digit product key and note it on a paper
  4. Finally, you are ready to activate the McAfee product

Method to activate a McAfee product subscription with a product key

You can easily activate a McAfee product subscription with the help of the Activate product key by approaching the steps that we have mentioned below:

  1. Using a browser, you need to visit the page
  2. Then, provide the username and password details of the McAfee account
  3. Now, check the login details and then click on the ‘Sign in’ button
  4. After accessing the account, type the product key in the required field
  5. Confirm the product key and click the ‘Activate’ button
  6. Now, you will be taken to the McAfee product page
  7. Finally, you have activated the McAfee product subscription

After going through the above steps, your McAfee product will be ready to use. Now, McAfee will protect your computer from several cybercriminal activities.

Quick fixes for the McAfee Product Activation Process

You may face trouble during the McAfee product activation process. However, you can fix these issues by approaching the tips that we have mentioned below:

  • While typing the username and password for your McAfee account, you need to feed each character carefully. Otherwise, you may not be able to activate the McAfee product key.
  • The product key is important to activate the McAfee product so you need to type it correctly in the required fields.
  • If the McAfee software is not responding on your computer then it may be due to improper installation. Now, you need to re-install the software to fix this issue.
  • You can try to use a different browser on your device to visit the page to complete the McAfee activation process successfully.
  • If you have not received the McAfee product key then it may be that the email address that you have linked with McAfee is not accessible. To fix this issue, you need to contact McAfee support.


To sum up, McAfee provides a key to authenticate the subscription of users that is known as the McAfee product key. If you have bought the McAfee subscription recently then you must have a product key. This product key will help you to complete the activation process of the McAfee product. It is necessary to provide all the details correctly otherwise you may face trouble in activating the product. Hopefully, you have learned about the McAfee activation process via with the help of this post.

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